Tender For Equipment For Ii Professional Year Departments Of The College Of Veterinary Science , Garividi :- Autoclave , Hot-Air Oven , Seitz Filter Assembly Including Seitz, Vacuum Pressure Pumps Etc. , Millipore Filters , Students Microscopes With Light Source , Stage And Ocular Micrometer ( For Measurement Of Bacteria ) , Platinum Loops , Bunsen Burners And Platinum Loops , Mcintosh And Fields’S Anaerobic Jar , Incubator , Biological Oxygen Demand ( B.O.D. ) Incubator , Water Bath , Deep-Freezer -200 C , Photo Colorimeter , Ultra-Violet Lamp Laminar Flow Cabinet , Colony Counter , Elisa Test Reader Immuno Electrophoresis Apparatus , Centrifuge Ordinary , Refrigerated Centrifuge Dental Drill , Automatic Pipette Washer Egg Candler Egg Incubator Inverted Microscope Refrigerator , Haemocytometer Chamber Micropipette Set Multichannel Micropipette Vortex Mixer Weighing Balance Magnetic Stirrer Microcentrifuge , Blotting Apparatus Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Unit With Power Supply Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Unit With Power Supplythermal Cycler With Ups , Binocular Microscopes Rotary Microtome, With Thin Sectioning Facility , Paraffin Flotation Bath , Hot Air Oven , Refrigerator Slide Cabinet And Slide Boxes Staining Jars, Coupling Jars, Bottles , Tissue Cutting Boards Racks For Specimen Jars, Bottles Specimens Jars, Centrifuge Wintrobe Tube With Racks ,

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Andhra Pradesh

November 06, 2018

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