Supply of 1)15Kgs Ghee Tins 2)Shrink film 3)Poly sheets for wrapping Butter 4) Poly film & Ghee film Pouches 200m! & 500ml S)Poly bsgs-Paneer covers-100g, 500g, IKg &2Kg Cooking Butter covers: 500g, 20Gg 6) Poly bags - SMP -1 Kg & 25Kg Uners. 7) 3Pfy Corrugated Boxes for 20 Kg Butter 8) 3Ply Corrugated Boxes for Curd; 1x16. 1x100, Basundi Cartons-1x50 9) XXiplex boxes-Basundl:tx12, Malai Laddu:1/2Kg, Khova 1Kg&2Kg. gifl boxes : 450 Grms and 900 Grms, Cardboard boxes for SFM bottles. Doodhpeda, 1Kg: Milk Cake 1Kg. 10)Tetra trays. 11)H.D.P.E Bags-25 Kg 12)A.A.Cans & S-S cans 13) Plastic Tubs -Milk tubs. Buttermilk tubs, Red boxes, Ghee tubs & Pallets 14) Gum Tape rolls-Plastic & Paper 15) Can seals and Sealing wire 18) Curd Cups with press type lids 17) Bastindicups & spoons 18) PP Boxes-250 Gms.500Gms. 200g Printed anti Piain. 19)Al.fotl-Basundi&Curd; 200gm standup pouchus for Badam mix powder 20) Pet jars for Badam Powder 200g, 21) SFM Bottles-Crown corte

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Andhra Pradesh

May 17, 2010

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